December 5, 2023
December 20, 2023

Counslr Partners with Greek Organizations at Syracuse University

Counslr Team

SYRACUSE, NY / NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Counslr, the text-based mental health support platform, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with three Greek Life Houses at Syracuse University: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Upsilon and Alpha Phi. This initiative will enable members of each of the three organizations to access Counslr’s 24/7/365 text-based mental health support platform, any time, anywhere.

“At times, I feel mental health can be overlooked in Greek Life, especially in fraternities. Having access to Counslr will be a fantastic resource for our house with their 24/7 availability,” said Cole Weintraub, a brother with Delta Upsilon fraternity at Syracuse. “While our brotherhood is always there for one another, there are times where speaking anonymously to a professional will be very beneficial.”

Counslr officially launched the service with the three Houses earlier this school year, as students returned to campus for the Fall semester. Each student member will have round-the-clock, unlimited access to live, on-demand, text-based sessions with licensed mental health professionals.

“Sorority culture does not always facilitate the most comfortable space to discuss mental health. The partnership with Counslr will provide the Syracuse Alpha Phi sisterhood with a private and independent experience with personal access to mental health support,” stated Sabrina Siegel, current student and VP of Health Wellness and Accountability for Alpha Phi at Syracuse University. “Not only will this be a useful resource, but it will also help to destigmatize mental health conversations on campus.”

The partnership aims to increase access to quality support and supplement the counseling services already available to students, empowering students to address issues as they arise, ultimately mitigating larger crisis situations from manifesting.

The partnership is one of many that Counslr has established on college campuses across the country. The growing demand for alternative mental health support on campuses illustrates the increasing prevalence of mental health issues among teens and students. Addressing these mental health challenges requires a comprehensive approach, including increased awareness and accessible mental health resources. In fact, as reported in Counslr’s white paper The College Mental Health Crisis, over 80% of students holding their first session on the Counslr platform had never before visited a campus counseling center and nearly half of all sessions on the platform occurred during hours when campus counseling centers are typically closed.

“As the demand for mental health support across college campuses continues to grow, students are looking for super convenient and accessible ways to address issues ranging from test anxiety and relationship issues to gambling issues, substance abuse problems, and more,” said Josh Liss, CEO of Counslr. “Counslr’s partnership with the panhellenic community at Syracuse University is a critical step towards destigmatizing mental health and prioritizing wellness in order to ultimately support a healthier and happier campus environment where students thrive.”

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