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Your trusted partner in mental health support.

Committed to making mental health care available, accessible, and socially acceptable for all.

our story

Building the solution we needed.

From day one our objective has been to make quality mental health support more accessible, approachable, and socially acceptable. We work as technologists, clinicians, marketers, and analysts, but more importantly, we are humans who have faced mental health struggles personally and within our families. We are united by our belief that nobody in need should be turned away, and that the first step on the path toward feeling better is a willingness and ability to chat about it.

Counslr was founded in July of 2019.
Founded in Long Island, based in New York City, and available nationwide.
our mission

To reach the traditionally unreachable.

Increase Access

The mental healthcare system is overloaded, with 60% of psychologists stating they don't currently have openings for new patients.

Increase Availability

Mental health does not operate on a 9–5 schedule, but most traditional providers do.

Decrease Stigma

Fear of negative perception by others prevents many from seeking the help that they need.

Decrease Cost

Mental health care is expensive, even when it's covered by health insurance—which it often isn't.

our vision

Decanting an overburdened care system.

More than 150 million Americans live in federally designated mental health professional shortage areas, and across the nation it is currently difficult to find providers who are accepting new clients. Counslr fits an important role in this strained system by serving as a bridge with two paths: one which facilitates access to more intensive care for individuals who need help but have never sought it, and another which empowers individuals to deal with issues on their own terms so that "small" problems can stay small and more intensive care isn't needed.

Our values

The foundation that keeps us going.


We prioritize understanding and compassion in all interactions: with our users, clients, partners, and among our own team.


We provide mental health support to people from all walks of life, and strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all.


Everyone deserves and should have access to high-quality support; we work to make our services as convenient and easy to use as possible.


Our staff of licensed counselors is dedicated to providing the highest level of support and expertise to our users. Our internal team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients.


We deeply respect the privacy of our users and adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines to protect their personal information.


We are constantly seeking new ways to improve and enhance our services to better meet the needs of our users, clients, and partners, and we recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere and at any time.
our approach

An elevated Tier-1 solution.

Counslr was specifically designed to serve as an approachable first step on the path toward enabling people to prioritize their mental health. With experienced, licensed counselors available 24/7/365, Counslr offers an elevated level of service for individuals navigating the transitory issues that life throws their way.

Text-Based Mental Health Support

A confidential and highly convenient way to seek help.

Available 24/7/365

Licensed counselors are on-call around the clock.

Algorithmic Smart Matching

Counslr intelligently matches users with counselors based on relevant expertise.

Self-Guided Resources

Counslr's in-app Knowledge Base provides unlimited access to a variety of free, vetted resources.
our team

A diverse, remote community of mental health professionals.

Counslr's team of mental health professionals is 100% remote and based in the United States. We celebrate diversity and actively work to hire an inclusive array of qualified counselors without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, or any other basis covered by appropriate federal, state, or local law. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that we can provide culturally sensitive and effective mental health support to our clients.

our clients

Serving Collegiate and Corporate Communities

Counslr is proud to serve both collegiate and corporate clients, providing tailored mental health support to individuals facing the unique challenges of academic and professional environments. Our platform allows universities and businesses to offer easily accessible mental health resources to their students and employees, fostering a culture of well-being and success.


Hear what some of our users have to say.

As someone who suffers from anxiety attacks, the option to reach out to a counselor at any time is my favorite part of the app. It is easy to make appointments on the app as well and to find a counselor that fits my needs.

I needed some guidance with dealing with an elderly parent, and the person I spoke with was very helpful in getting me some information. I was very happy with the woman I dealt with as well as her guidance!

Counslr has been a very valuable resource for me. It’s convenient and easy to use. The text-based format also makes it easier to enter sessions whenever and whenever I am.

I think Counslr has had an extremely positive influence on my mental health. From daily struggles to, at times, serious issues outside of hours which I could reach my therapist, Counslr has been there to support me in my mental health recovery. When there have been gaps in my mental health care (i.e. weeks without seeing my therapist), Counslr has been there to support me in my journey toward recovery.

In a generation that has embraced the power of mental health support, Counslr has served as a tool for my peers and myself alike when we feel stressed and/or overwhelmed by school or even personal troubles. The first time I used the app, I was hesitant about how helpful it truly could have been, but after the initial session, I knew that Counslr was a resource I was thankful to have at my hands. The openness and reliability of the app definitely gives it the credit it so deserves.
frequently asked questions

What would you like to know about Counslr?

Still have questions? Talk to us here.
What is Counslr?

Counslr is a platform providing remote text-based mental health support. Our goal is to help people prioritize their mental health, on their own schedules, from the comfort of their own devices. Counslr is available for free to all individuals at our partnered organizations. Users hold text-based sessions within the Counslr mobile app, which is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

What is text-based mental health support?

Counslr’s text-based service was designed to serve as step one on the path to receiving mental health care. Accordingly, Counslr is not a replacement for traditional therapy—Counslr does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication. Counslr integrates alongside your organization’s pre-existing wellness resources to ensure that your people are always receiving the most relevant and effective care possible.

Why text?

Live sessions within the Counslr app are entirely text-based, meaning users will interact with counselors through text messages rather than audio or video. Some issues are still best solved with face-to-face counseling, but in most cases text-based support is extremely effective. Some of the many reasons people prefer text-based support include the ability to have a session from anywhere without anyone else being able to listen in, the ability to see your conversation log after a session to review what you discussed, and the feeling of increased comfort and decreased stigma that may accompany typing instead of talking.

Is Counslr secure? Are sessions private?

All user information is private and protected under HIPAA guidelines. The app is encrypted, and all data is stored using industry-standard protocols. We do not share user information with any third parties without a user's explicit consent, except in very specific emergency situations. The only data shared with our partnered organizations is aggregated data across all of the students at that organization, for example how many users have held sessions or what times of day sessions are most frequently held.

Who are the counselors?

Counslr carefully vets and onboards everyone who joins the Counslr team, to ensure a diverse, experienced, and effective clinical staff. Counslr strictly hires licensed mental health professionals who are certified to practice independently of clinical supervision. This primarily includes Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHCs), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFTs), and Psychologists (PsyDs).

Can a user choose to meet with a specific counselor?

For a user's first session, Counslr’s proprietary Smart Matching algorithm ensures that they are paired with an available counselor based on their specific needs and preferences. For future sessions, users can choose to meet with any counselor with whom they've previously held a session, or to meet with a new counselor instead.

Are there any usage limits?

Counslr offers all covered users an unlimited number of sessions. That means no subsidized session limits, no out-of-pocket expenses, and no health insurance needed. When your organization partners with Counslr, the fixed per-person fee serves to provide your people with a limitless resource to help them navigate the day-to-day challenges that life throws their way.

I have a different question!

Check out our general FAQ over at counslr.com/faq and feel free to send us an email if you still have questions.

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