24/7 text-based mental health support with licensed clinicians.

Live sessions, on-demand or by appointment.

Users can text licensed mental health professionals whenever they need support through the Counslr mobile app. Users can also schedule an appointment with a specific counselor for a future day/time.

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Bridging the mental healthcare gap.

Bridging the gap.

Counslr exponentially increases access to quality mental health support.

Counslr partners with institutions and corporations to exponentially increase access to mental health support.

Counslr especially makes mental health support more accessible to those who might not otherwise seek  help for a variety of reasons.

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Privacy is our priority.

Privacy is our priority.

Counslr takes a practical, solution-focused approach in order to provide actionable support and refer users to community resources when face-to-face care is appropriate.

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Individualized care for unique individuals.

Contextual care at scale.

Counslr makes it easy for anyone to prioritize their mental health.

Whether it’s midnight on a Wednesday in the library during finals week, an early morning before a double shift at work, or an afternoon on a Sunday at home, you can rely on Counslr and know that top quality mental health support is just a tap away.

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