June 13, 2024
June 13, 2024

Counslr Expands into South Dakota, Partnering with Timber Lake School District to Increase Access to Mental Health Support Services


Timber Lake (SD) & New York (NY), June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Counslr, the text-based mental health support mobile app, announced today that it has expanded its support into the State of South Dakota through a partnership with the Timber Lake School District. The partnership will empower students and faculty to prioritize mental health by enabling them to access unlimited texting sessions with Counslr’s licensed and vetted mental health support professionals, available on-demand, 24/7/365.

“Mental health is a high priority for our school,” said Julie Marshall, Principal at Timber Lake School. “We are excited that Joe Locken, a Timber Lake School Board Member, helped us to make this connection to resources that can support our students and staff.”

The partnership fully rolls out with students and faculty in August, and the on-boarding process continues over the summer, before the new school year begins. The intention is to enable students and faculty to prioritize their mental well-being early and often, no matter where they are or when they feel they need support.

“We are thrilled to expand into South Dakota and help students prioritize mental health and the well-being of the school district as a whole,” said Josh Liss, CEO and co-founder of Counslr. “Working with school districts has become a primary focus for the company, as we aim to help communities across the country prioritize their well-being. We are grateful to leaders such as those in the Timber Lake School District who embrace the challenge and seek solutions to help their community.”

For more information on Counslr, please visit: www.counslr.com.

About Counslr
Counslr is a text-based mental health support application that provides unlimited access to live texting sessions with licensed professionals, 24/7/365. Users can access support on-demand within two minutes of opening the app, or by scheduled appointment. Through real-time texting, users enjoy one-on-one, private communication with a licensed counselor that can be conducted anytime, anywhere. Counslr was designed to help individuals deal with life’s day-to-day issues, empowering individuals to address concerns while they are “small” to help ensure that they stay “small”. Counslr partners with organizations of all shapes and sizes (companies, unions, nonprofits, universities/colleges, high schools, etc) so that these entities can provide Counslr’s services to their employees/members/students at no direct cost. For more information, please visit www.counslr.com.